Filipino, 25

MyTown’s convenience and comfort make it the stress-free, home-like dorm that it is. For me, that helps the most. The atmosphere, vibe, and growing community of professionals is unique and makes me stay in MyTown.

Indonesian, 27

My company booked this place at first, and I planned to just stay here for a few months and move to typical condo.

Turns out, MyTown is great dormitory with great people and I don’t want to leave!

Filipino, 30

MyTown dorm gave me a better work-life balance, which helped me to become healthier, happier, and more productive. It cut the wasted time I spent every day I traffic and am able to enjoy the great things this life has to offer,

Chinese, 27

I love the classes and events at MyTown! I especially like the parties (I love to dance) and the movies in the cinema.
MyTown has given me a large group of friends that I can always count on; they even taught me English!

Filipino, 33

MyTown facilities and staff are amazing, and it has a vibrant community that you will never find in a typical dormitory.

It is truly and oasis and hustle and bustle of BGC.

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